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Daily School Attendance is Important for Success

 A study from the Journal of Educational Research found that attendance makes a big difference.  Children who are in school everyday do better than those who are not.  What can you do at home to make sure that your child gets up and out the door on time everyday?

  •  Start the night before.  Is homework in the backpack?  Are permission slips signed?  Do you have something for a snack, lunch?
  •  Put the backpack by the door your child will go out.
  •   Lay out clothes the night before.  This one step will avoid morning arguments.
  •   Create a to do list of jobs that have to be done in the morning.

Arrival Time


Students are not to arrive at school before 8:00 am unless they are eating in the cafeteria. There is no supervision on any of the playgrounds before 8:00. Students who eat in the cafeteria may arrive at 7:50 as we have supervision there for breakfast eaters only.